How Do I Access The "Live" Virtual Event?

When you purchased your Virtual Ticket, there was a date and time set for the "Live" event.

All you have to do is log into the Virtual Event Portal at the specific date and time to access the Live event.

Use this link to log into the Event Portal:

As soon as you get logged in, click on the Live Event from your Portal Dashboard.
On the Live Event Page, you will see the live stream and will be able to watch the event.
1. Laptop Connected To TV
We recommend using a Laptop connected to your TV using an HDMI cable. HDMI cables provide both video and audio from your Laptop to your TV.
2. TV With Internet Browser
If you have a Smart TV with an Internet Browser, you can log into the Event Portal and stream the Live Event right from your Smart TV browser. Just log into the Event Portal, then click on the live event to access the live stream.
3. iPad Or Tablet
If you have an iPad or Tablet, you can use the Internet Browser to log into the Event Portal and access the live stream.
Should you have any other questions about Virtual Events, or need any assistance, please send us a support request.

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